Dear Prospective Author,

The definite aim of the editorial board of the American Journal of Research, Education, and Developement is to meet the highest expectations for international organs in every way. Therefore we ask our prospective authors to take these following viewpints into account while making their manuscripts.

1. The American Journal of Research, Education and Development accepts manuscripts in English. Proofreading of the articles is the responsibility of the author.

2. The manuscript must be submitted electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. The copyright form must be attached to every manuscript, which must be signed by the responsible author (original signature) and must be sent to the editorial board electronically. (see the "Copyright Agreement" attachment; you can find and download at "FOR AUTHORS/Copyright" menu

4. The journal offers an opportunity to publish studies and scientifical articles in 20-40 000 characters (10-20 pages) extent at most.

5. Must be attached to the article (see the "Paper Template" attachment; you can find and download at "FOR AUTHORS/Paper template" menu):

a. title of the article in English

b. an abstract (5-15 lines) 

c. 3-5 keywords

d. indication of institutional affilation

e. e-mail address

f. ORCID of the author must be included in the footnotes (the ORCID is for permanent identification of the author ont he internet, it can be made on orcid.org, it takes about 3 minutes)

6. The editorial board proofreads the recieved (formally acceptable) works and based on the opinion of the lectors it reserves the right to not publish manuscripts (without justification) if they were found unfit for publication. These articles are not returned nor preserved. Deadline for submitting articles: continous (issuance: quarterly).

7. The editorial board does not accept manuscripts without citations and sources. The bibliography can only contain works which are referenced trough the article (see proper referencing in "Paper Template" attachment; you can find and download at "FOR AUTHORS/Paper template" menu).

8. If the article features figures and tables, their source must be cited; if own work: own preparation/own calculation. The figures and pictures must be sent in a separate file too. Please try to attach these in the highest possible definition as we cannot publish bad quality images in the journal.

9. The editorial board accepts unpublished independent (except in case of coauthors) works. The citations of the included quotations must meet the regualtions of the standard of bibliographical citations.

10. The articles accepted for publication can only contain open (uncertified) data. The editorial board does not examine their state of certification, the author is held responsible for this.

11. The editorial board does not pay honorary fee for recieved manuscripts.

12. The publisher examines the originality of every manuscript with a plagiarism investigating software. A DOI ID is assigned to each published article.

Further help for submitting manuscripts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attainability of the journal: red.devlart.hu